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What Does LASPARSAN Produce?

Lasparsan produces;

  • Natural and Petroleum based rubber products,
  • Plastic Products,
  • Metal Products,
  • Machines 


Rubber Products

LASPARSAN is specialized in the molding and cooking process of Natural Rubber, NBR, SBR, Viton®, silicone and sponge rubbers. By using these raw materials which are from 0 kg. to 50 kg.of weights, the products mentioned at below are produced through using injection method in order to make installation by manuel or a fully automatic workbenches

  • vibration dampers, gaskets, wicks, o-ring, oil seals,
  • spare parts for hydro-power plants, thermal power plants, cement factories
  • spare parts for the defense industry
  • spare parts for construction, textile, food and packing machines
  • spare parts for DAF, Scania and Volvo Vehicles
  • construction products, sanitaryware seals,
  • irrigation systems and spare parts of submersible pump


Plastic Products

LASPARSAN is specialized in molding of LDPE, PET, PP, PC, ABS raw materials by injection method. The products mentioned at below are produced by using these raw materials which are from 0 kg. to 2.5 kg.

  • sealing components, gaskets, wicks,
  • spare parts for construction, textile, food and packing machines
  • Automotive spare parts
  • Furniture accessories
  • Foodstuff packaging
  • Railway and wagon parts
  • LV and MV electrical materials/equipments


Metal Products

The following operations are performed in shaping of ingots, castings, plate, sheet, pipe and profile, which are made of all kinds of steel and non-ferrous metals.

  • Laser and Plasma Cutting
  • CNC vertical machining and turning
  • Centrifugal casting, gravity die and sand casting, metal injection molding
  • CNC punching, cutting, bending
  • Arc, electricity, spot welding, argon, tig and mig welding
  • Bending with eccentric & hydraulic presses and metal forming


  • Sheet metal cutting, bending, spinning and forming moulds
  • Plastic injection molding, extrusion and blow molding,
  • Rubber injection and extrusion moldings
  • Zinc & Aluminium Alloy die - casting mould
  • Casting models 



The products mentioned at below are produced to be used in tunnel construction, floor and carcass reinforcement works.

  • Wet Shotcrete Machines
  • Dry Shotcrete Machines
  • Refractory spraying machines
  • Screw-type cement injection molding machines
  • Piston-type cement injection molding machines
  • Mortar mixing machines

Frame constructions, electrical & electronic components, softwares, metal, plastic and rubber equipments of machines manufactured in the LASPARSAN facility are designed, developed and produced in the digital environment by engineerings within LASPARSAN co. that are using current technological capabilities.

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